IPConfigure's Orchid is the first VMS with Encryption Standard Built for Video


John Smith

IPConfigure's Orchid is the first VMS with Encryption Standard Built for Video

In the face of emerging cyber-security threats, IPConfigure is proud to introduce SRTP encryption technology to the video surveillance industry with the release of Orchid 1.8. Mature and tested in VoIP and military applications, the SRTP security standard is designed exclusively for real-time media transmission. With this technology, Orchid VMS allows secure end-to-end video and audio access over any public network, providing users with the most secure and efficient VMS solution available.

Other VMS manufacturers tunnel video and audio data over HTTPS, a technology built for securing web content, not streaming video. SRTP, on the other hand, allows Orchid to send secure video data via unicast and multicast using the same quality of encryption as HTTPS while benefiting from lower latency, higher throughput, and overall better quality compared to HTTPS.

IPConfigure Orchid is also the first VMS capable of supporting encrypted multicast for video surveillance applications. Multicast is a transmission technique for one-to-many real-time communication over a network. This is particularly appealing for large surveillance deployments across campuses or cities where bandwidth is limited and/or there are a large number of concurrent viewers. Multicast over HTTPS is not technologically possible; only SRTP provides an encrypted multicast capability for transmission of live video to multiple clients simultaneously.

IPConfigure customers deploying SRTP can purchase Orchid Certificates Services, a turn-key provisioning service through which certified IPConfigure support technicians can generate and deploy private keys and certificates on any Orchid device, including cameras, switches, NAS appliances, and traditional servers. All Orchid certificates are signed by a globally trusted Certificate Authority and require no custom client configurations. This service will become available in Q2 2016.


Designed for small to medium video surveillance installations with up to 32 cameras per location, IPConfigure Orchid is used by customers ranging from small business owners to some of the world's largest global retailers. Recognized for its reliability and ease of use, Orchid provides local and remote access to live and recorded video through an intuitive web browser interface, with the same user experience on both workstations and mobile devices.

The Orchid web interface is hosted by one or more Orchid servers running on traditional Windows or Linux systems, NAS storage devices, or on supported embedded hardware. Orchid supports over 2,500 IP cameras through the ONVIF Profile S specification. This cross-platform flexibility adapts to your existing infrastructure and reduces IT, hardware, and licensing costs.

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