Orvis Retail Stores launch Orchid Fusion VMS Nationwide


John Smith

Orvis Retail Stores launch Orchid Fusion VMS Nationwide

The Orvis Company, an international and multi-channel retailer, was founded in 1856. The company provides high-quality men's and women's sportswear, home furnishings, luggage and travel accessories. As a major retailer, reliable video surveillance is important to protect the employees and assets of the company.

Orvis needed a solution that could support their expanding storefront needs and bring all retail sites online in a cohesive manner, eliminating multiple platforms and equipment to access each surveillance environment. To achieve this, the company launched Orchid Fusion video management software (VMS) at each of their retail locations.

Installation in all retail locations, that were equipped with video surveillance systems, was completed in October 2018. As a result, the company's regional store managers can now easily access their cameras and retrieve or view video. This can be accomplished by using just a web browser, regardless of where they are located. Even more important, the store managers found Orchid Fusion easy to learn and use, saving the company time and resources spent on training and corporate IT assistance.

"Orchid Fusion has allowed the field management team to effectively monitor their stores remotely, creating operational efficiencies and improved accountability," said TJ Roy, regional manager at Orvis. "The simple, straightforward web based platform has also helped us identify and solve LP issues that otherwise would have gone unnoticed."

On an enterprise level, headquarters can access all individual store locations in one interface. Administrators can instantly filter as many as thousands of available cameras and locations using a keyword feature that intelligently searches across server names, camera names and stream metadata. Once identified, cameras can be selected for monitoring or playback.

The Orvis Company now has a platform that is kept up-to-date automatically and works as a solution for both the local store managers as well as headquarters. The success found in the retail stores contributed to the decision to expand installation into the distribution centers this year, giving the same level of flexibility to their security and facilities teams. Orvis will continue to install Orchid VMS into new retail locations opening in 2019.

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