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Orchid Core VMS

Key Differentiators

Mobile Accessibility

Open Platform OS

Hardware Independence

Designed for a diverse range of video surveillance installations, IPConfigure Orchid is used by customers ranging from small business owners to some of the world's largest global retailers. Recognized for its reliability and ease of use, Orchid provides local and remote access to live and recorded video through an intuitive web browser interface, with the same user experience on both workstations and mobile devices.

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Orchid Fusion VMS
Enterprise Video Management System

Key Differentiators

Unlimited Cameras, Locations, Users

Open Platform OS

Hardware Independence

Fusion provides a powerful VMS unification platform that offers the same ease of use and familiarity as the Orchid user interface, but extends the platform across unlimited locations, cameras, and users. Underpinning Fusion's advanced management and aggregation capabilities is Orchid Core VMS, distributed across an almost endless variety of servers and IoT devices.

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Key Differentiators

Unmatched Reliability

Reliable Storage

Up to 3-Year Warranty

Built exclusively for surveillance applications, SteelFin offers a range of configurations supporting entry-level to enterprise applications. Designed to meet the high-availability requirements of video management software (VMS), SteelFin provides appliance and server solutions compatible with all major VMS manufacturers and protected by up to a three year warranty.

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Supported Industries

Health Care

News & Press Releases

IPConfigure announces Software as a Service Video Management Software

April 1, 2020

In response to the recent increased demand for teleworking technology and reduced operating budgets, IPConfigure is introducing its web-based video surveillance Software as a Service (SaaS) to complement its popular Orchid video management software (VMS) product family. The SaaS offering provides a simple, accessible, affordable, reliable and secure video surveillance solution for existing and new...

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IPConfigure launches Video Management Cloud Service

January 9, 2020

IPConfigure, a leading video surveillance software company, has launched the official release of its Orchid Fusion Cloud Service. IPConfigure is the developer of the award-winning Orchid Video Management Software (VMS) and adding a cloud service to their product line continues to position them at the forefront of the VMS and surveillance industry. Why the cloud is important It is unden...

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Orchid VMS and the New Raspberry Pi 4 are a Seamless Duo

December 10, 2019

IPConfigure and its software users alike were highly anticipating the release the latest feature rich Raspberry Pi 4. This excitement stems from Raspberry Pi's compatibility with Orchid VMS, especially its free trial version available on the IPConfigure site. The Raspberry Pi 4 contains several upgrades, including a PC level of performance while still at its original $35 price point. Other new...

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