Orchid VMS: The Surveillance Software of Choice for K-12 School Districts


John Smith

Orchid VMS: The Surveillance Software of Choice for K-12 School Districts

IPConfigure's Orchid Video Management Software (VMS) continues to be a preferred surveillance solution for school districts across the country. In the midst of a global pandemic, the challenges of transitioning to a virtual environment have not been lost on school administrators, teachers and personnel. Innately capable of supporting remote surveillance and monitoring, IPConfigure's highly accessible, web-browser based solution has paved the way for large organizations, particularly school districts, to quickly convert to virtual operations.

As a hardware agnostic solution, Orchid VMS will work on any existing IP based camera equipment that supports ONVIF Profile S, making an update to existing security management system technically and financially achievable. Further, IPConfigure offers multiple licensing and deployment models, from purchasing to leasing and from on-prem to pure cloud solutions.

Key Orchid Video Management Software features that benefited education customers include:

Ease of Use: Based on Google's Material Design standards, the Orchid VMS user interface is intuitive for users of all technology backgrounds and experience levels. Minimal training is necessary to effectively use Orchid VMS. Additionally, IPConfigure offers free self-paced comprehensive training online for both users and administrators.

Remote and Central Viewing: Orchid VMS is exclusively accessible through a web-browser and does not require downloading (or upgrading) a thick client to access and view live and recorded surveillance video. The ability to view video on the fly has proven especially critical as school districts transition to providing remote educational services and during times of extended facility closings.

Management and Maintenance: Capable of managing unlimited cameras across multiple locations through a single platform, no organization is too small or too large to benefit from Orchid VMS. Orchid VMS also scales to fit future demands, thereby simplifying expansion as new security needs arise.

Granular Rights and Roles: Within the Orchid VMS interface, rights and roles can be assigned by location, camera or based on a custom group. These user settings can designate specific login and accessibility such as live viewing, past viewing or incident footage download. Education customers commonly assign a designated login to their local police department. With Orchid VMS, the police can access assigned downloaded footage without having access to the full system.

Automatic alerting: Orchid VMS provides flexible reporting and alerting options that give users the ability to customize notifications for cameras and recording devices. With at-a-glance health indicators and motion alerting, Orchid VMS provides peace of mind that your facilities are guarded and safe.

Price: Orchid VMS has a variety of pricing structures to work with multiple budgets:

  • Orchid Fusion VMS Perpetual licenses with no monthly licensing fees.
  • Orchid Fusion VMS Hybrid cloud for management and access of enterprise systems for $6/camera per month.
  • Orchid Fusion VMS SaaS lease offers licenses and cloud access for $59/server for up to 25 cameras.
  • Orchid Alto VMS Cloud offers a pure cloud management, recording and storage solution. Priced on storage needs: 500GB for $38/camera, 250GB for $32/camera and 125GB for $28/camera.

As the demand for remote access to school facilities increases, IPConfigure remains at the forefront of the video surveillance market offering only the best solutions to the K-12 market. For more information on how Orchid VMS can ease the transition to virtual operations and improve your surveillance solution, contact IPConfigure at sales@ipconfigure.com to schedule a live demo.

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