IPConfigure Releases Orchid Fusion VMS 2.4.0


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IPConfigure Releases Orchid Fusion VMS 2.4.0

IPConfigure, a leading video surveillance software company, has released Orchid Fusion VMS 2.4.0., a video management software (VMS) known for its reliability and ease of use and deployed by customers ranging from small business to some of the world's largest global retailers. Orchid Fusion VMS's scalable architecture provides management of unlimited cameras, locations and users from a single interface. Support for both Linux and Windows operating systems provides system operators with the needed flexibility required by IT policy makers and when combined with the intuitive web interface, Orchid Fusion VMS delivers the industry's most diverse VMS.

The release of Orchid Fusion VMS 2.4.0 offers the introduction of WebRTC, Orchid Application Partner Platform (APP) and other improvements to enhance the experience for end users and integrators.

Orchid Fusion VMS now support WebRTC

With WebRTC, Orchid can natively decode h.264 video in a web browser with no plugin require. The plugin-less, full frame rate playback for h.264 video can run in Chrome on Windows, Linux and macOS.

WebRTC support also includes NAT traversal techniques using ICE (Interactive Connectivity Establishment) and STUN (Session Traversal Utilities for NAT). These techniques allow Orchid Core VMS to send a video directly through a firewall to a web browser without using a proxy.

Enabled Orchid Application Partner Platform (Orchid APPs)

Orchid Application Partner Program will allow third-party partners to extend Orchid by creating features and integrations that live within the Orchid Fusion VMS user interface via Orchid APPs. The Orchid APPs ecosystem is capable of supporting a wide variety of third-party integrations, including access control, point of sales and video analytics.

Improved performance for large deployment

Orchid Fusion VMS 2.4.0 includes user interface updates to help administrators better manage systems with hundred or thousands of linked recording servers. This includes the addition of pagination, filtering and sorting functions under the Servers page.

New Interactive API

Orchid Fusion VMS 2.4.0 now has a published, fully documented API that is self-hosted in the application. Using this API, end users, integrators and partners can leverage every aspect of Orchid Fusion VMS to build custom integrations or automations.

Orchid Fusion VMS 2.4.0 also introduces new Camera and Stage features. Details of these and all new features are available in the full release notes. For more information on Orchid Fusion VMS visit IPConfigure's product page or download a trial.

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