IPConfigure Releases Orchid Fusion VMS 2.2


John Smith

IPConfigure Releases Orchid Fusion VMS 2.2

Orchid Fusion VMS, a powerful video surveillance unification platform from IPConfigure, introduces several significant enterprise enhancements with the release of version 2.2.0. Complementing its already robust capabilities and exploiting its federated architecture, Orchid Fusion VMS provides for the distributed management of unlimited surveillance devices from a single web-based interface. Enterprise users with large camera counts will also benefit from Orchid Fusion VMS' sophisticated layered camera organization features. These additional management capabilities are designed to further empower Orchid Fusion VMS Administrators and Integrators, whether they are running the software on-site or as part of IPConfigure's hybrid-cloud service.

Expanded Administrative Control of Recording Servers

Advanced administrative control is now available for registered Orchid Core VMS recording servers directly from the Orchid Fusion VMS user interface. From adding and configuring cameras, to managing retention policies, monitoring system status, and updating licenses, Orchid Fusion VMS provides system administrators with a simple and intuitive interface that helps save time in setup and ongoing utilization. This ability allows an administrator to log into Orchid Fusion VMS from a desktop or mobile device and push settings changes to recording servers anywhere in the world.

Advanced Authentication Methods

Orchid Fusion VMS supports both local and enterprise authentication mechanisms. Users can log in with their company Active Directory credentials, or a Google account with optional 2-step authentication. System operators can now stay signed in, even after signing out or rebooting their computer.

Custom Camera Groups

Orchid Fusion VMS provides users the ability to organize cameras by Administrator-defined layered and nested Groups. Administrators can also set up their own logical camera tree under Groups to maximize efficiency and easily display selected cameras on the stage. For example, a retail customer can organize their cameras through multiple, cross-cutting categories like geographical store location or camera type (e.g., cash register cameras). Camera Groups can also be shared or restricted based on user access permissions. These clean and easy to navigate Camera Groups simplify the management of complex, enterprise-wide architectures.

New Stages Features

Orchid Fusion VMS 2.2.0 allows for the creation of personalized camera layouts displayed on the Stage (the flexible workspace used for video viewing). The customized Stages can be saved and shared with an individual user account or with groups of users. For example, an Administrator could designate standard Stages for security guards by creating a layout "Parking Garage" which displays all cameras within the parking garage, and share it with the team in charge of monitoring that location.

If multiple Stages have been saved, users can select two or more Stages to rotate in an automated sequence. This is especially helpful for customers with large camera counts, under-powered viewing workstations, or customers who don't want users directly interacting with the system.

IPConfigure will be featuring Orchid Fusion VMS at ISC West in April 2018. Interested in seeing Orchid Fusion in action? Get your complimentary Exhibition Hall Pass and stop by our booth.

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