IPConfigure launches Video Management Cloud Service


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IPConfigure launches Video Management Cloud Service

IPConfigure, a leading video surveillance software company, has launched the official release of its Orchid Fusion Cloud Service. IPConfigure is the developer of the award-winning Orchid Video Management Software (VMS) and adding a cloud service to their product line continues to position them at the forefront of the VMS and surveillance industry.

Why the cloud is important

It is undeniable that security and surveillance are top of mind for individuals and businesses alike. But how can companies manage access to the constant collection of video across multiple locations?

Enterprises are continually looking for ways to leverage the latest technology to streamline the management of multiple surveillance locations, while also reducing IT costs and ensuring the security of data. Orchid Cloud Services addresses each of these needs, and provides a solution that is easy to deploy and maintain.

Orchid Fusion VMS allows the management of unlimited servers, cameras and users on a single web browser interface. Incorporating Orchid Fusion Cloud gives customers access to Orchid Fusion VMS across large enterprise networks, with minimal bandwidth impact. Orchid Fusion Cloud does all the legwork and allows customers to connect on-site surveillance infrastructure to the cloud, merging multiple surveillance locations into a unified system accessible from anywhere in the world. For instance, a manager of an individual store can still view their system locally. However, all other locations are also easily reachable by the headquarters office.

Maintenance of this system is managed by automatic reporting and monitoring systems. Reports include camera status, hardware failure alerts and automatic software updates made within the system. This level of management, coupled with the low-bandwidth requirements, makes Orchid Fusion Cloud more cost effective than other solutions and reduces the need for IT maintenance.

Security of video surveillance data is of the utmost importance. Orchid Fusion Cloud provides secure accessibility as all streaming video is sent through its SRTP encrypted web interface. It is firewall friendly and utilizes a secure VPN that doesn't require configuration.

Success Stories

In 2018, IPConfigure did a soft launch of Orchid Fusion Cloud and since has recognized an average growth rate of 2.88 cameras per work hour. The service has proven to be successful in a variety of industries including retail, restaurant and education. Customers of the Orchid Fusion Cloud range from small business, to some of the world's largest retailers.

The Orvis Company, Inc., an international and multi-channel retailer, successfully deployed Orchid Fusion Cloud video management software in the fall of 2018. The Orvis Company was initially drawn to Orchid because of its cross-platform capabilities and ease of use. Furthermore, hosting Orchid Fusion in IPConfigure's Cloud was a logical and cost-savings strategy for the customer. The overwhelmingly positive feedback from store managers contributed to the company's decision to expand their Orchid Fusion Cloud installation to include distribution centers and new retail locations.

For resources and documentation on Orchid Fusion Cloud Services visit IPConfigure's product page or contact IPConfigure directly at sales@ipconfigure.com.

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