IPConfigure announces Software as a Service Video Management Software


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IPConfigure announces Software as a Service Video Management Software

In response to the recent increased demand for teleworking technology and reduced operating budgets, IPConfigure is introducing its web-based video surveillance Software as a Service (SaaS) to complement its popular Orchid video management software (VMS) product family. The SaaS offering provides a simple, accessible, affordable, reliable and secure video surveillance solution for existing and new IP Video surveillance system operators.

Orchid's interface offers an elegant and intuitive experience that is familiar to users of all experience levels since Orchid's user interface is based on Google material design principles. Additionally, free online web-based training, documentation and technical support is included. Orchid VMS leverages a simple web browser interface which is instantly accessible on any device, with no application or software download required. By just clicking a link, any user can access the login screen to gain access to the Orchid video management software interface. Orchid liberates decision makers from vendor lock-in by providing the ultimate flexibility in selecting and changing cameras, operating systems and storage solutions. With a user interface built from the ground up using our open, RESTful API, IPConfigure partners have the power to extend and adapt Orchid's entire feature set to third-party applications. Orchid VMS provides a scalable and highly reliable recording back-end that is closely monitored by a real-time alerting system that provides instant and summary email notifications for camera and network errors, hard drive performance problems and failures and server offline events. Orchid uses WebRTC to securely transmit TLS/SSL video from your servers directly to your users' authenticated web browser. Ensuring the integrity of video on both open and closed networks, Orchid offers an uncompromising architecture for data security by encrypting 100 percent of all outbound data.

With no up-front cost, the service is billed on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. Two tiers cover every use case starting with $59/server/month for up to 25 cameras (additional cameras are $2/month), or $169/server/month for unlimited cameras per server. There is no minimum commitment or cancellation fee. The subscription fee includes Orchid Core VMS running locally on your recording server, Orchid Fusion Cloud providing access to unlimited locations in a single view, and IPConfigure upgrades and software support.

IPConfigure believes Orchid VMS is uniquely positioned to meet the new demands of remote connectivity with our popular Orchid VMS, now available as a service. In addition, IPConfigure is offering complimentary remote system provisioning while working closely with systems' managers and IT. Make Orchid VMS a part of your company's remote digital transformation. More information visit our product page or contact IPConfigure directly at sales@ipconfigure.com.

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