IPConfigure announces Orchid Core VMS and Orchid Fusion VMS 2.10.0 product releases


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IPConfigure announces Orchid Core VMS and Orchid Fusion VMS 2.10.0 product releases

This month IPConfigure announced two major releases for popular video surveillance management software (VMS) products: Orchid Core VMS 2.10.0 and Orchid Fusion VMS 2.10.0. The release brings exciting, in-demand features for installers and users. Orchid Core VMS and Orchid Fusion VMS 2.10.0 further simplifies the software with advanced settings, camera visibility updates and user capabilities available within a unified, browser-based interface.

Orchid Core VMS 2.10.0

Orchid Core VMS 2.10.0 enables a quick and easy method to edit low-level configurable parameters via the Advanced Settings feature, now available directly within the software interface, which will save time for installers and end users. As a fail safe, required confirmation steps were built to prevent unwanted or accidental property changes. Orchid Core VMS 2.10.0 will prompt the user to confirm all changes in this feature, and if left unconfirmed after five minutes, all previous settings will be restored.

For quick reset and creation of a fresh camera viewing stage, Orchid Core VMS 2.10.0 pins the "Clear Stage" button to the bottom of the camera bag. The release also creates an easier view of the registered camera count as well as the available license allowance within the device.

Support for Ubuntu 20.04 has now been added to the numerous operating systems with which Orchid Core VMS is compatible. Other improvements and functionalities include:

  • Configurable database optimization interval to improve performance on larger Windows servers
  • Timezone visibility - indicate when the viewing client's timezone is different from the recording server's timezone

Orchid Fusion VMS 2.10.0

Orchid Fusion VMS 2.10.0 brings the exciting capabilities of dewarping any fisheye camera in the system for a flattened, panoramic view of the camera. Granular motion detection settings now available within the Orchid Fusion VMS interface give users more control over what activity is monitored and where it can be ignored.

Integrations with Microsoft Azure Active Directory and FreeIPA give even more options when tying organizational groups to users within the Orchid Fusion VMS system. The introduction of Azure Activity Directory gives the familiar capabilities of single sign-on and two step authentication. Running on Linux, FreeIPA is an open-source Active Directory equivalent that brings added security to Orchid Fusion Cloud users by eliminating shared passwords and centralizing organizational password management.

Orchid Fusion VMS 2.10.0 also allows for easier management and viewing of large scale deployments, from the number of cameras and licenses used on each site to a new Advanced Settings feature for easy adjustments to standard settings within the system.

All of this continues to further Fusion as an intuitive and flexible system, capable of managing and scaling unlimited cameras, locations and use cases. Other updates include all features from Orchid Core VMS 2.6.0-2.10.0, as well as:

  • Mixed authentication modes
  • New and improved video player
  • Support for click-to-center PTZ with supported ONVIF cameras
  • New one step activation process
  • "System Report" page now provides information on storage
  • "Retention Policy" page now better accounts for motion-only recording streams
  • Improved Orchid Core VMS server health awareness on the server page

Full release notes are available for both Orchid Core VMS and Orchid Fusion VMS 2.10.0. For more information on Orchid Core VMS and Orchid Fusion VMS visit IPConfigure's product page or download a trial.

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