IPConfigure Releases Fusion Hypervisor for Orchid


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IPConfigure Releases Fusion Hypervisor for Orchid

IPConfigure releases Fusion Hypervisor for its popular Orchid Video Management System (VMS), providing a powerful VMS unification platform across unlimited locations, cameras, and users. Underpinning Fusion's advanced management and aggregation capabilities is Orchid VMS, a lightweight, cross-platform video recording solution that can be distributed across an almost endless variety of servers and IoT devices.

System operators now have the ability to deploy Orchid on a variety of platforms including IoT devices across independent networks while using Fusion to provide a single portal interface. Fusion delivers live and recorded video through a highly-accessible web interface, allowing users to access multiple Orchid servers from any location. Customers have the option of securely operating Fusion locally within their IT infrastructure, or using IPConfigure's hosted Fusion Hypervisor service.

Fusion Hypervisor, together with Orchid VMS, is a system built to empower and reduce costs for both IT and system integrators. Using a secure reverse-proxy mechanism, Fusion provides configuration-free access to Orchid VMS servers and cameras located behind a firewall, all via secure SRTP and HTTPS encryption. This allows system operators to connect Orchid instances with Fusion across diverse network topologies, removing the need for IT intervention or special configuration.

"Similar to Orchid, minimizing IT burden was a design goal for Fusion. We set out to eliminate the need for changes to existing IT and network infrastructure, and we've done that by building a product that's cross-platform, requires minimal configuration, and offers advanced encryption, hardening, and network traversal options," explains Dr. R. Cortland Tompkins, Vice President of Engineering for IPConfigure.

The Fusion user interface combines the ease-of-use and simplicity of the Orchid UI with a powerful camera search mechanism. Instantly filter as many as thousands of available cameras and locations using a keyword feature that intelligently searches across server names, camera names, and stream metadata. Once identified, cameras can simply be dragged to the user stage for monitoring or playback.

As a management platform, Fusion provides operators a global view of the current status of servers and cameras, including details such as recording resolutions, frame rate, and compression settings. System owners have direct access to the status of their systems using health indicators for both servers and cameras, along with recent thumbnail snapshots.

Fusion Hypervisor has a simple perpetual, per-camera licensing model with no add-on fees for viewing clients, number of servers, or locations. Fusion is available today for an MSRP of $149 per camera and may be purchased through global distributors Anixter, CSC, Graybar, Ingram Micro, and ScanSource.

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