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Download ACAP Install Tool

Orchid Core VMS can be installed on cameras from Axis Communications using Axis's ARTPEC-6 processor. When installed on a compatible Axis camera, Orchid Core VMS is a completely server-less solution that records video to an SD card inside the camera and provides a rich, interactive user interface served up from the camera's own internal web server.

Available as an unrestricted trial version running on a single camera, Orchid Core VMS for Axis cameras can be federated to a larger enterprise system using Orchid Fusion VMS or Orchid Fusion Cloud. Contact an IPConfigure sales representative for more information.

Current Axis ARTPEC-6 cameras include the following models:

  • D2050-VE
  • FA54
  • M3057-PLVE
  • M3058-PLVE
  • P1367
  • P1367-E
  • P1368-E
  • P1435-LE
  • P1447-LE
  • P1448-LE
  • P3227-LV
  • P3227-LVE
  • P3228-LV
  • P3228-LVE
  • Q1645
  • Q1647
  • Q1659
  • Q3515-LV
  • Q3515-LVE
  • Q3517-LV
  • Q3517-LVE

Installation Instructions

IPConfigure provides an easy-to-use Axis Camera Application Platform (ACAP) tool that can be installed on compatible Axis cameras and is used to load IPConfigure's ARMv7 Orchid Core VMS installation package.

  1. Prerequisites:
  2. Log into your camera as the root user and upload the .eap file:

  3. Once the package is installed, select "IPConfigure Orchid Core VMS", insure the app is started, and click "Open" to launch the Orchid Core VMS Setup Tool.

  4. Follow the guided steps in the Orchid Core VMS Setup Tool to configure your SD card for use with Orchid Core VMS, download the Orchid Core VMS installation package, and install Orchid Core VMS on your camera. Once installed, you'll be able to launch Orchid Core's web interface, as well as configure Orchid Core VMS settings and VPN configuration.

  5. Now that you have Orchid Core VMS installed on your Axis ARTPEC-6 camera, check out IPConfigure's Orchid Core VMS Documentation for more information on using and administering Orchid Core VMS!

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