License Plate Recognition

LPR  |  License Plate Recognition
IPConfigure License Plate Recognition (LPR) delivers unprecedented accuracy in the most diverse conditions and is available as both a server-based and camera embedded application.

Exploiting machine vision plate localization and character recognition algorithms, the application supports license plates from many countries and subnational entities, including all 50 U.S. States. LPR captures stationary or moving vehicles at speeds up to 35 mph (55 kph) depending on the camera's angle and lighting conditions. License plates can be read on cars and motorcycles at a maximum distance of 120 feet (36 meters) and at angles up to 35 degrees horizontally or vertically. With the use of either an IR or white light LED illuminator, LPR supports both day and night conditions.

Captured plate data can be used for numerous applications including: parking enforcement, parking permit control, vehicle inventory, parking lot security and access control, stolen vehicle recovery, expired registration enforcement, city-wide surveillance, gas station drive-off prosecution, and more.

Both server-based and Embedded License Plate Recognition are licensed per camera, and are distributed through Anixter, CSC, Graybar, Ingram Micro, and ScanSource.

Server-based LPR for ESM

Developed for the US Government, LPR offers full-color megapixel results and provides users with highly accurate real-time license plate reads. LPR seamlessly integrates with IPConfigure Enterprise Surveillance Manager (ESM), providing a comprehensive surveillance solution.

Key Features | Server-based LPR

Displays capture
results in real-time

Trigger system events
on LPR match

Full-text plate search
with wildcards

Full color capture for
forensic detail

Megapixel Color Imaging

IPConfigure LPR and eLPR leverage color images during day-time and support low light and night-time conditions using IR illumination. Color images can provide operators with additional forensic detail including the make, model, and color of the vehicle, and in some cases an image of the driver.

Watch List

A license plate watch list within LPR and eLPR flags matching plates from a user-defined list. When tags are detected they are compared against the watch list, from which I/O events or e-mail alerts can be triggered.

Embedded LPR

IPConfigure developed the first commercially available embedded License Plate Recognition application for IP cameras. Supporting Axis ACAP cameras equipped with ARTPEC-4 or better processors, eLPR is capable of independently detecting, reading, and recording license plates internally within the camera.

Key Features | Embedded LPR

Serverless configuration

Camera UI text search with wildcards

Camera-based I/O triggered events

On-board storage of up to 250,000 plates

API for 3rd party applications

Push notifications

Compatible with ARTPEC cameras

eLPR operates as a completely standalone system with no external server required. All image processing, data storage, web-based user interfaces, watchlist processing, and search and query functionality runs entirely inside an Axis ARTPEC-4 or better camera.

Push Notifications

eLPR supports configurable push notifications that can send recognized plate results to external systems, including Enterprise Surveillance Manager and select third-party VMSs. This flexible notification mechanism is fully documented and extensible via our eLPR Development API.


Axis Communications
Partner Technology Integration of the Year
2013 & 2014

LPR Configuration & Specifications

Embedded LPR
Supported Cameras
Axis ARTPEC-4 or better, Samsung SNB-6004
Axis ARTPEC-4 or better
Supported Enclosure*
Axis T92A10
Axis T92A10
Medium Range Lens Recommendation
5-50mm Fujinon YV10x5HR4A-SA2L (10-50ft or 3-15m)
5-50mm Fujinon YV10x5HR4A-SA2L (10-50ft or 3-15m)
Long Range Lens Recommendations**
8-80mm Fujinon DV10x8SR4A-SA1L (up to 120ft or 36m)
8-80mm Fujinon DV10x8SR4A-SA1L (up to 120ft or 36m)
Short to Medium Range IR Illuminator
Axis IR Illuminator T90A32 (40-60ft or 12-18m)
Axis IR Illuminator T90A32 (40-60ft or 12-18m)
Long Range IR Illuminator
Axis IR Illuminator T90A42 (90ft or 27m)
Axis IR Illuminator T90A42 (90ft or 27m)
Maximum Speed
35 mph or 55 kph
35 mph or 55 kph
Maximum Distance
120ft / 36m
80ft / 24m
Maximum Angle
35° or 0.61 rad
35° or 0.61 rad
Image Resolution
Target Frame Rate
up to 10fps
up to 10fps
Lanes Per Camera
Software Requirements
ESM 5.4 or above
Additional Requirements
Class 10 SDHC Flash Card
All specifications subject to change without notice.

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