Turn PC Desktops into an IP Camera solution with DeskCamera and Orchid VMS
IPConfigure's Orchid video management software (VMS) is now available as a VMS integration solution for DeskCamera's software solution for PC surveillance. The integrated solution synchronizes VMS footage with recorded activity on a PC desktop to benefit customers that require PC usage monitoring.

A workstation with DeskCamera installed captures and streams the desktop screen, webcam and audio to Orchid VMS via ONVIF. For example, to reduce fraud in a retail setting, DeskCamera can be installed into Point of Sale (POS) terminals to record POS system activity into Orchid VMS. Easily accessible and web-browser based, the retail manager can then view live or recorded footage of the POS desktop, as well as simultaneously view surveillance camera footage, within the Orchid VMS interface. With countless use case scenarios, this integrated solution is best positioned to serve retail, education and corporate consumers.

IPConfigure is uniquely positioned to work with DeskCamera. One of the most attractive attributes of Orchid VMS is its ability to easily be incorporated with unexpected third party integrations. The integration with DeskCamera reinforces the idea that if there is an RTSP or ONVIF stream, Orchid VMS is agnostic and able to seamlessly combine the customers' points of interest into one easy to use interface.

Whether it is for remotely monitoring activities or investigating specific incidents, the ability to view actions and people from security cameras, while seeing desktop interactions and webcams in the same timeframe, gives the ability to monitor transactions, user access and much more in a broader way. The open architecture of Orchid VMS allows both security providers and customers flexibility in designing the best system for unlimited use cases.

For more information about IPConfigure and Orchid VMS contact our sales team at sales@ipconfigure.com. For more information about DeskCamera contact sales@deskcamera.com.

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