Orchid VMS and the New Raspberry Pi 4 are a Seamless Duo
IPConfigure and its software users alike were highly anticipating the release the latest feature rich Raspberry Pi 4. This excitement stems from Raspberry Pi's compatibility with Orchid VMS, especially its free trial version available on the IPConfigure site.

The Raspberry Pi 4 contains several upgrades, including a PC level of performance while still at its original $35 price point. Other new feature highlights include an increase in power with a USB-C power connector, dual display output up to 4k resolution, full throughput Gigabit Ethernet and 4Kp60 hardware decode of HEVC video.

IPConfigure's initial testing and validation of Orchid Core VMS on the new Raspberry Pi hardware suggests an increasingly relevant role for these devices in video surveillance.

"With its increased processing, memory, and network throughput capabilities - together with the huge variety of enclosures and storage options now available - the Raspberry Pi 4 is a no-compromise hardware platform suitable for a growing variety of surveillance installations. When deployed with IPConfigure's Orchid Fusion Cloud service, Orchid VMS on the Raspberry Pi 4 delivers enterprise surveillance capabilities on a what is perhaps the world's most versatile and accessible hardware platform," explains IPConfigure Vice President of Engineering, Cort Tompkins.

Previous Raspberry Pi versions were readily used with IPConfigure's Orchid VMS. The law enforcement community especially took advantage of the powerful ability of the device and free trial of Orchid Core VMS to use as a quick and cost-efficient covert surveillance solution. The technology was so widely used, IPConfigure created a dedicated community forum page for users to connect, ask our developers questions and share success stories.

To learn more about Orchid Core visit its product page. Visit our software trial page to download a free trial of Orchid for Raspberry Pi and visit our community page to connect with other Raspberry Pi users.

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