IPConfigure Announces Orchid Core VMS for ACAP
IPConfigure, a leading video surveillance research and development software company, introduces Orchid Core VMS which leverages Axis Communications' for AXIS Camera Application Platform (ACAP), an open application platform that enables members of Axis' Application Development Partner Program to develop applications that can be downloaded and installed on Axis network cameras and video encoder equipped with an ARTPEC-6 processor.

Orchid Core VMS is used by customers ranging from small business owners to some of the world's largest global retailers. Recognized for its reliability and ease of use, Orchid Core VMS provides local and remote access to live & recorded video through an intuitive Web browser interface, with the same user experience on both workstations and mobile devices. In addition, each Axis Communications network cameras and video encoder equipped with an ARTPEC-6 processor can now host Orchid Core VMS' recording engine, database, video storage, and an encrypted Web browser interface for live viewing, search, and video playback functions. While Orchid Core VMS runs as a self-contained application on Axis cameras, it also supports federating with Orchid Fusion and Orchid Fusion Cloud for enterprise deployments with unlimited cameras, users, and locations via a unified user interface.


This scalable offering fills the increasing need for secured and cost-effective solutions that are not only easy to deploy, use, and update but also completely independent and portable. Ideal for small systems, unreliable networks, and remote locations, Orchid Core VMS stores video on a microSD card directly on an Axis camera, eliminating the need for a server. Integrators will find that this unique solution provides a great option for some of their budget-conscious customers with requirements for autonomous and/or redundant VMS, and is particularly attractive to customers with limited in-house IT knowledge or technical support.

"We're excited about the release of Orchid Core VMS. Together with IPConfigure, we can now offer an entirely camera-based solution that fits a number of different applications," said Alex Walthers, Business Development Manager, Application Development Partner Program, Axis Communications, Inc. "The use of ACAP in this way is unique in that it addresses small systems, but can also scale to enterprise-level systems if needed."


While there are many fascinating ways to use Orchid Core VMS for ACAP, below are a few examples of typical scenarios:

  • Retail: cash room camera ensures 100% video recording in the event of nefarious staff behavior
  • Transportation: school bus cameras, recording inside and outside of the bus, allow federated cloud monitoring of entire fleet
  • Law Enforcement: covert camera installations, equipped with 4G cellular, enables real-time surveillance of suspect's activity
  • Energy: remote oil rig pumping facilities with limited network throughput are monitored for equipment failure
  • Government: remote camera installations along perimeter fence lines to prevent unauthorized entry

Orchid Core VMS for ACAP cameras offers the industry's only fully-functional, Web-based, VMS platform while operating in a server-less configuration and providing a large number of deployment options. We encourage you to download the ACAP Install tool and give it a try, or schedule a demo! Visit us at ISC West Booth #29107 to find out more, ask questions, and get your "Endless Beanefits" (while supplies last)!

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